Thursday, February 21, 2008

So i've been thinking

About the Giving Tree. It was a book read to me over and over again when i was little. It's such a happy and simple book and i've been thinking about getting a tattoo of part of the book on my leg. I think it's a story of unconditional love. That when you really love someone you give and give just because you like to see them happy. In fact the only time the tree is sad is when it thinks it had nothing left to give the boy and that he won't come back but in the end the boy does come back not looking for anything but a place to sit. Anyhow i was just reading some of the academic dissertations of the book and thought i'd post them.


the book is a tale of unconditional love and generosity: the tree gives all it can to the boy because it loves him, and its feelings are reciprocated by the boy when he returns to the tree for a rest. In this way, the relationship between the tree and the boy as he grows up could be viewed as similar to that between a mother and her child; despite getting nothing in return for a long time, the tree puts the boy's needs foremost, because it wants him to be happy. Indeed, the only time the tree ever seems to be sad is when it feels that it has nothing left to give the boy and that the boy might never return.


Some have chosen to interpret the story in terms of the relationship between the Human Race and the planet. That is, the Human Race has taken a great deal of irreplaceable resources from its Earth mother and not given anything in return. The book's ending could then be seen as a metaphor for the ultimate fate of both the planet and the Human Race: that we will have exhausted ourselves by consuming the resources of this planet and in the end all that she can offer us is a place to rest; all that we ever really needed.if i tagged you it's because i thought you'd appreciate the interpretations of the book, not because you need to comment or anything...but feel free to express your opinions...MOOD: Nostalgic....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A note on drunk attire

Ladies i know it's crazy, but seriously always bring a hair tie with you. No matter what. I recently realized that A. they can easily be concealed no matter what your wearing, around you arm, hell around your leg, even in your purse. But always bring one. My friend who shall not be named recently had a liiiitle too much to drink, and by that i mean she was pukey Mcpukester. Because of this and the fact that she did NOT have a hair tie, no matter how cute she looked before the "incident" i had the pleasure, no wait, the honor haha, to wipe the chunks out of her hair. Ladies. please do your friends a favor, ALWAYS have a hair tie it makes the friends lives, who have to hold your drunk head back, a lot easier. Nough said.