Friday, July 31, 2009

A nice look on the man behind Where the Wild Things Are

Its amazing how long it took from conception to feature length film. No sarcasm or witty comment here, just plain kudos.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you completely understand the whole recession situation?

Do you barely understand what mortgage-backed securities are? Do you have no idea what the F%!K sub-prime loans are? Me too, until I listened to probably the best podcast team ever. Chuck and Josh are a funny, entertaining perfect way to start your morning. Click subscribe on your itunes and listen to their 15 minute podcasts on everything from what a body farm is to how the CIA almost completely created the LSD drug culture (seriously its absurd the facts they find).

Don't worry, crazed theorists their not, these boys do some serious investigating and have wrote articles on everything you did, and didn't, want to know. I have a rough, if any, idea on what the hell happened to the economy and within 15 minutes I feel like a pro. I know this sounds like an advertisement but i'm such a loyal fan I can't help it. It's 15 minutes of unusual in what can sometimes be a very typical day.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crocs go down, hard.

Fashion world be praised! The company notorious for manufacturing Crocs is going bankrupt. After years of proclaiming their total uglosity and complete lack of support despite popularity their finally going bankrupt due to the economy. Celebrate and burn yourself some Crocs!

Next time i have to see these fuckers it better be on I love the 90s

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

this is why i love the internet took human dolphin love so seriously. It had frequently asked questions, and the guy who wrote it was an expert. He had loved dolphins since age twelve. The best thing about was that this was not a joke. Also, this guy was not in it for profit. This was a dot org. He put his time and energy up there just to benefit all the curious potential dolphin lovers out there. He did it for love of the game, and in today’s world, that’s a true rarity.

Well, I went to and it was gone. It had been replaced by a bunch of porn links. Surprising, I know. Such a wholesome and universally beneficial site was replaced by a bunch of smut.~~

A fan and his sorrowful lament at then end of a site..