Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things that made me laugh today.

Yeah..i'm probably going to hell I'll cya you there.

You guys probably remember the Lori and Reba post a while back. Yes well..this is better..lots better.
Apparrently a new show is airing on B.ullshit B.ritish C.ocksuckers tv called Britains Missing Top Model. quite alot like Americas next top model right? wrong.
(thanks to

Apparrently BBC thinks its pushing the line by being heartwarming.
Apparrently thinks its going to be horrible and trashy tv
Personally I'm going to be peeing my pants and rooting for the girl with one arm. Shameless :}


Finding out AmyWinehouse in one night called Kanye the C word (cunt tehe) after his little blog bitchfest about fans and elbowed/rained blows upon a fan in one night. My Heroine.

Gotta love Amy, but fa real. love her, she'll funk you up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What we all wish parties turned into

Toe Jam, the music video is a fantastic image of what we hope sex parties in the 70swere like. Except its clean cut and the coked out pornstars have all been replaces with seemingly happy college girls and boys that could have been on the 70's show. Either way, banging song, better video. Creativity with cencorship? genius

Monday, June 16, 2008

Uk's favorite future serial killer is back!

Guess who'se back...thats right the Decapitator, yes i still say you have to italicize his name every time . You all remember how i posted about him doing quite a number on the Disney poster for High School Musical (a public service if you ask me).

But now he's struck again at my girl Sarah Jessica Parker! oh no! Now i understand why ANY hipster douchbag would wanna vandalize anything having to do with Sex and the City and its obvious commercialism but damn. oh well...Fuck it! it just makes it a sweeter ad anyways. heres pics and a link to the mysterious decapitators flickr page.