Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beer Run

BAHAHA found this online, thats my friend joe on the left. Gotta love College.
Anyone got a better, quote for this besides me?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Somebody dropped the ball.

Ok does everyone remember teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas??? Do we all remember how ridiculously hard every 13 year old girl (and some boys) fell for him when we were in 5th grade or whatever. I completely forgot about the boy that wowed all as an adorable yet sarcastic teen on Home Improvement. (and every sing tim allen/ Christmas movie since)
PicI am sorely disappointed in my friends for NOT telling me he stars in the movie speedway junkie. Uh hello, he plays a HOOKER??? A.K.A. tons of skin, not to mention BISEXUAL HOOKER! First off i totally plan on reprimanding them for not doing their job and telling me this. Second seriously how does he rate against the heartthrobs of today?
Oh and third can we talk about the fact that he still looks HOT nowadays?? Get this boy a movie deal!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Today in the world Amsterdam needs to get it's ass kicked.

We all know what to wear, what shouldn't be worn? Can YOU spot the wrongs in this picture?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Send My apologies to Coach.

Dear Coach (and soccer moms and daughters who tote such totes),

I want you to know something, i don't even like you, i don't like your kind, and the people that associate themselves with you. I'm am from now on severing our friendship. I don't like your many C's i feel like you've sold out. Don't you remember the happier times? Times when we would stroll down the sidewalk. You, with your high quality double stitched leather. Your bold and yes, dare i say it, fierce hardware clanking for all eyes to see. You held the eye of everyone in a room, you the purse of choice for all Manhattan socialites.
But then you started hanging out with a different crowd. You cheapened yourself moms...yes even today I saw you. Shamelessly clinging onto that womens shoulder. How dare she think wearing you with sweatpants and flipflops were ok. HOW COULD YOU!? She had on a DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE SHIRT ON! I was not only shocked but appalled. The clincher was the smirk that woman had on her face. As if you by her side she had dressed up for the day of shopping. Yes, i saw you clinging to her clone of a daughter too.
The point is it's over Coach. It's over. You and all your fake cousins can go to hell. I knew this day would come when you let yourself go. I mean, come on! you look like someone sewed you together with different types of patchwork and thats supposed to be classy?
Now if you'll excuse me I believe i hear Marc calling my name.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's time...

it's like my brain completely turns off for most of the day and, except for the hours of 12 at night till 5, acts like an e-tard. Luckily i was thinking about the blog at about 3 in the morning (prime time bay bay) and want to get back to basics.
This blog is meant for the average kid who just wants to find some bomb ass music, learn about a new artist, or just find out where to get some tasty threads btw, but doesn't feel like searching all over to find it.
It's not meant to be a huge hypefest for the newest dj to come out of some random warehouse in London. Cause the people that want that probably helped that dj get big anyways. My target audience is just your average city kid ( or hell even country clubber) that wants to know Whats up? Whose blowin up? and Whats out the door?
The Details:
Fiest: 1234 (m!g!h! get up kid edit) ( fast, better, stronger, somethign to dance to)
AUSTINE AU SOLEIL re edit (smooth cool intro that flows in to a bumpin beat)
Fiest: My Moon Man MY!GAY!HUSBAND! (hands down a great)

  • Anyhow my recent obsession is My!Gay!Husband! yeah, make fun of the name, but it'll be the last time you do. My!Gay!Husband! has had his hands in everything for the past couple years and has always had great mixes with several artists. He's known for throwing banging parties in the Vancouver Heroin District (ech!) and being shameless for flaunting his shit. Trust me a def. code red watch out for him!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kanye and Neon, what else could i want?

So right now theres one thing worth me not spending the next 20 bucks on booze. The Kanye West Glow in the Dark show has been getting fantastic reviews with collaborations from Lupe, Justice and other guest stars.. Currently i'm obsessed with this hot mess of a song with two favs Lupe Fiasco and Justice called The Coolest Vs. Let their be Light Download it Here
Also if you wanna talk about intense watch the new Justice Video for Stress how much controversy do you think it caused?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To Mothers Everywhere

My Mom
Thinks she's open minded
Texts me at crazy times
Scripts her voice mails
Comes home with neon flashing sunglasses (i wish i could take her to a rave)
Is pretty legit.

Yes the song playing is called "treat your mother right"yes it's by Mr. Tee Yes listening to these lyrics is should watch the video...its classic

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Conversation Starters

Next time theirs a lull in the conversation at a party, test that chick your trying to take home's personality with this little...treat.....

If you show this too her and she doesn't laugh out loud....clearly she's not worth it, go home or flirt with the chick laughed that the song is called "fear of being alone"