Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm cracking up over my computer right now. My friend Erica just showed me, probably one of the most amusing things you can do with your computer since realizing you can make your computer say vagina by typing.
Facebook has a language option that puts all words into pirate talk! yeah fuckin pirate! check it out because i can't possibly put into the words the hours of amusement this setting allows for.

Go to facebook/settings/account settings/language/english (pirate)

trl? off the air?

Yeah, wtf? trl off the air? canceled? absurd.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cake Fenzy

So look, i know i've been on a Cake feeding Frenzy lately but I can't help it, their clothes are just delicious. Guess what i found, instead of scowering the internet for clothes, they're right around the block...sorta. Apparently Pedestrian, a completely Ace street shop on 526 south street sells their clothes. Dream! Can't wait to stop by. oh and check out pedestrians blog. it's primo

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lifestyle Brands

I don't get em, at what point does a brand lose it's uniqueness and become "mainstreem?" Once they show up in high schools?

The first time they show up in a shopping mall?

The first time "cool" moms try and pull the brand off?

Does this guy have true style? Do you think he was voted "best dressed" in high school 6 years ago because he wore the most hollister of everyone?

What do you think is next? 1950's seemed to be the prevailing theme at urban. hm?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cake loves you

MMMMMmmm Cakelovesyou. just came out with a tastey new t-shirt.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mighty Boosh

Everyone loves the show and Lifelounge, my daily news, hooked em up with a page of songs, and the best clips for daaays I in turn, and sharing it with you, check ya shit. Watch the show.


Fine, MTV you win, your updated and trendy graphics department has sucked me into your commecialized ways just like your marketing department planned. kudos! Christmas bonus salary for all.

I lovelovelove the green commercial that little blog of toxins is addorable!

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Let Them Eat Cake"

So Marie Antoinette may have said it but CakeLovesYou have capitalized on it with their infamous t-shirt designs showing models shoving cake down their gullets. Yeah, this was also BEFORE the Simion Mobile Disco HUSTLER VIDEO.
Anyhow I love the brand, and there is a specific sweater that i'd love any certain someone to buy me, seriously, and they've come out with a whole new collection AND a new much needed look for their website so check em out.

Don't Fucking think about buying that sweater. Dubs.

Views on the View

So i know this is starting to become a pure entertainment blog, I know we need to get back to the basics, art/fashion, music, and musings...and i will but before i do.

So i refuse to watch the view. But how often do you guys see video clips of some seriously crazy shit that goes down on that show!?? Like, i guess it's pure geneious to put "mildly"racist older white women, with "crazy" black women but damn. I'm actually going to have to start watching it. Does that fully mean that i have no life? Have i surrendered to all that is trash tv? probably. not. Will i actually get up early enough to watch it? probobly not.

Here's the link on dlisted to watch, John McCain fuck up, mild racism, and slavery all in less then 3 minutes.

Tranni Spotters!

Now London, i have a question for you. Is this an extremely fashionable man, or a Crossdresser.

I know, i know. what''s the difference but seriously London, your like our older bro or something, get your shit together.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Classical Kanye

So we all heard how Kanye West caused a scene at the airport after beating a guy down and smashing his camera. I know. absurd. Anyhow finally I've found the video of the entire incident minutes before Kanye's assistant, a.k.a. bitchboy tries to make a grab for that.

um Kanye...i'm not sure your awair of this but..your BLACK?? You were in an airport, and your a celebrity. I know you try really, really hard not to act it, but yoru still black. Cause a scene in an airport with your skin darker then khakis and you WILL get arrested.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Lady Gaga:

I know your a singer, and seriously i think your super skinny and should def, def, def keep it that way if your going to wear those ridiculous suits all the time. BUTT ( no sweety you don't have one) for all our sakes feed that damn beaver of yours! Get laid or something! Clearly she's hungry for some cock because every time i see you in leggings it reminds me of that bitch from Teeth.

But seriously, if that thing inhales one more pair of leggings I'm calling Fanny Pack so someone can give you a clue.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bones Debut

The British beaut Ebony Bones had her first show in the US! The show must of been fantastic since she went all out to show America she do. Here's pics. Get your tickets to her show while you can.""Hey Taaaammy check your bag, good thing security didn't take my creeeaaam "
"Psh! yeah, mofo's don't know about whips its"

~~nobody cares ladies~~

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here's a little love letter from Fashion week to you.

Spotted at Country Club in the meat packing district, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie at the Charlotte Ronson after party. LiLo seats herself mere bodies away from me at the same table while Rich Girl tears a camera out of a fans hand to delete a picture taken much to the starlets dissatisfaction. Contrary to Gwen Stefani's notion that a harajuku world is where the catwalk got it claws, New York City proves to be nothing less than a fierce competitor. All's fair in anorexia and sample sizes. As far as the show itself is concerned, Charlotte managed to turn the event into a family affair. Brother Mark mixed the beats, sister Anabelle hit the runway as Samantha and Lindsay sat front row next to momma Ronson. The collection featured a palette of dusty pink, violet, beige, black (black and gray hitting the runway as new staples for Spring '09) and muted tones accessorized with extreme platform pumps. No immediate wow factor found here, but a one shoulder floral ruffled mini (and similar two shoulder) did stand out among the pieces. Take a look for yourself At the end of the day I find that the fashion industry is similar to an abusive boyfriend, it may beat you down and keep you up all night but in the end your left totally head of heels and visually satisfied. See you on the runway


Aqwrd-e + 3

So it's fashion week, and my ass is in Philly and while i love my city, lets face it, it's not exactly fashion capital of the world...or even close. So I thought what could be better then having my friend James Michael Murphy FIT student and one man show give a report or two about it.

This is part of the whole, "new and exciting things" thing. So what better way to introduce the first of hopefully other bloggers then by letting him just start posting!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

OOO Michael Phelps

Dear Michael Phelps:Your body is a wonderland, unfortunately that hookers body is also a wonderland, full of creatures like Crabs, Chlamydia, and Scabies.

I feel like it's hard to find a speedo that doesn't clash with Herpes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Banksy's Back

Banksy the #1 graffiti artist in the world. Who brought the art back in Graffiti. Known for plastering controversial art all over Camden. was recently spotted where?

London Art

Uh New Orleans!
With a new tropical storm about to hit a still devastated area, the recently revealed artist has decided to leave a mark. If their smart, they'd break off a piece, sell it, and move away from the fucking ocean.

Here's pics and a link to check out the article and artwork

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Sarah Paaaalin

Part of Alaska's best and brightest.

Oh those goofy republicans and their tricks. Aaaanywhoohaw here's a video by Sarah Benincasa with a spot on imitation of the next "vice president of america"

Here's an actual video of Sarah Paaallin basically convincing the world of how "republican"she is. She has a husband who is a commercial fisherman and a "darn good snowmachine racer"

I find it just about as funny as the other videos.

So last thursday was my half-birthday.

I know it's pretty big news, probably worthy of a huge outlandish party and tons of presents from my friends. Luckily for you, i was shit faced and forgot like the rest of you probably did. Otherwise I'm sure you all would of sent presents.

Anyhow I've found a perfect way to make up for it. You see Missbehave Magazine's Contest is going on still and i need you guys to go vote some of the Dynamic Iinteresting Nay sayers At this Hub of a contest..not that i'm saying who you should vote out exactly..

I need some help from you guys because they're having a Contest called America's Next Top Blogger and its up to the fans, aka you guys, to vote someone off the island. So do me a favor Click Here and vote off some other chick, feel free to read, comment, or bathe in the fucking awesomeness of Missbehave.

Trendy. Stylish. Bag of Sh!t

I've decided to start a new post weekly called

Urban Outfitters

Products that will probably be shit out of Urban in the near future to the main streamers with the pretense of improving their "cool" factor. (better think of a catchier title)

For the trendy, rich, 20 something, that wants to pick up girls with his "i'm a sensitive guy that won't break your heart" dog

Do we as a society really need a cool way to pick up..uuuuh?? dog Shit!??

click the pic for the link and other trendy bags.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh my gawd! Your sooooo Hipster!!! erg

If Headbands are the classic accessories for entry-level alt girls. Then what would be said for boys?

These girls are cleeearly pretty crazy and should be watched out for their boldness.

Would it be bandannas? to guarantee your child's alt success should child
ren be made to wear them?

Are skinny jeans so widly popular for guys that they're no longer considered edgy?

Do you need to have a bike to live the alt lifestyle? or is it just a plus? Does a bike say your against such "mainstreem"things as cars and their horrible pollutents, or can your broke ass just not afford a car?