Friday, September 12, 2008

Views on the View

So i know this is starting to become a pure entertainment blog, I know we need to get back to the basics, art/fashion, music, and musings...and i will but before i do.

So i refuse to watch the view. But how often do you guys see video clips of some seriously crazy shit that goes down on that show!?? Like, i guess it's pure geneious to put "mildly"racist older white women, with "crazy" black women but damn. I'm actually going to have to start watching it. Does that fully mean that i have no life? Have i surrendered to all that is trash tv? probably. not. Will i actually get up early enough to watch it? probobly not.

Here's the link on dlisted to watch, John McCain fuck up, mild racism, and slavery all in less then 3 minutes.

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