Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's time to end the war.

Now, now, you know me, i'm not talking a ridiculous oil induced war but the one on an even more sinister enemy. The ugly comfortable shoe. Now most people know my personal opinion on such heinous items such as the Ugg(come on jersey girls the name says it all), and the croc(easy now, nurses i understand). But i've decided the way to eliminate such awful things is not to bring to attention the obvious negatives such as foot odor, feet being ripped limb from limb in escalators, but to remind people of other tasteful options. So i now introduce to you equally comfortable yet more stylish shoes.

#1 Street shoes/Wrestling shoes.
I k
now it's crazy, i'm ludicrous for even thinking it. But with the upswing on shoes in all
sorts of colors, and high tops making a comeback this is for the urban girl/boy who wants to rock some seriously killer shoes but doesn't wanna spend the 150 for some limited edition Nikes. I recently bought some and love them, pair them with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and your good to go. First of all the're positively fabulous in rip your eyes out neon colors like green, yellow, and pink just to name a few. They're the epitome of COMFORT, thats right ladies comfort! These shoes were built specifically for comfort and flexibility, the fact that they look kick ass is a fluke.

#2 Moccasins

Moccasins come in your basic colors that uggs come in, keep your feet extremely toasty and warm and can be bought anywhere. Just because a shoe is inexpensive doesn't mean it shouldn't be equally coveted like it's ugglier cousin, echem. Not only can they be purchased at cheap stylish stores such as Target. But bolder more colorful versions can be purchased at Urban outfitters.

#3 Ridingboots

Riding Boots have been prevalent all over from Manhatten, to Madrid and are a fabulous alternative to the UGG. They look great with jeans tucked under in the winter, or on top of leggings in the fall, hell even a cute summer dress when it gets warm out. They're comfy, cute, and these Jeffrey Campbells will keep you warm no matter what your sloshing through.

#4 Flats

I can't believe i even have to say this?? I don't know if the Sex has made you stupid or what but duh! Flats are the perfect shoe for someone who needs to slip something on quickly, as opposed to the technicolor croc, these come in stylish, flashy, crazy, or basic colors and can be bought anywhere. I don't even know where to start posting pics since there are so many flats in the world! Urban outfitters alone has a vast selection of these little critters and these are just a few.

These are just a few comfortable, sexy, and stylish alternatives to other shoes...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And you thought you hated Paris

Wow, this boy, whose clearly hung over from the previous night, is an asshole, and reckless partier, has no regrets, and left his family and his neighborhoods with thousands of dollars worth of damage. I. LOVE. COREY. WORTHINGTON. In a world where assholes just get richer and more popular you can bet this pretty boy with now legendary stunna shades will be popping up in the news.In case you havn't already seen this video now is the time. The only thing funnier then this party boy's attitude is how increasingly pissed off the reporter gets after trying to convince him to apologize.

Mac Attack!

Ok ladies this one won't cause you to run screaming for the nearest treadmill, don your stilettos and start running for the counters! In girl world there are two things that rule as Kings or better yet, Queens, and that's M.A.C. Cosmetics and Heatherette. Each on their own are enough to make beauty queens and Harlem hookers drool but combined Prez. Bush might have to look out. It was recently confirmed that M.A.C. will be releasing a special edition Heatherette line of cosmetics. The line will include lipstick, eyeshadow, and base. Luckily ladies you have just enough time to pull that second job in, the line won't be coming out till after the Fall 08 runway, hopefully early March.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Breaking past Bansky

Let's face it graffiti artists kick ass, walking through the streets of any city can be boring faced with gray wall, after gray wall. So who doesn't, besides you know owners of the buildings and cops, love some good graffiti to spice up the walk. So i'm giving a major shout out to two people who are shakin things up besides paint cans.

Have i said how much i love decapitated celebrities? You know what?
I don't think i have, well here it is people! Yeah nothing like a little gore in your art to grab people's attention. Nicknamed the Decapitator and yes you have to say it like that, sounds more badass. The Decapitator has been taking popular advertisements around East London and lopping off heads of models, cartoons, even the heads of high school musical teens(my fav). I think the main reason people love graffiti artists so much is because they make people see things in a different light by changing already perceived art. Don't ask me what light this guy was looking at but fyi, when some mass beheadings start happening in London I don't wanna hear crap about it being all of a sudden..can someone say warning signs??? Mutilation aside, check out this chicks/guys flickr sight to see before and after images.


Another breakthrough in the people with waaay too much time category is Light Writer, yeah it's corny, the German group Lichtfaktor. They've found a new paint less art. By using light technology and blah blah blah video equipment they've made trash cans transform into robots and held lightsaber battles in the middle of parks. The best part is this is some real Do It Yourself stuff, don't believe me? It's as easy as taking a glow stick swinging it around and taking a picture, it worked for me. (on the right is my attempt at it) Lichtfaktor get's little resistance from police since their art isn't defacing anything. Although the bomb squad was getting a little testy when they were working around the airport.

Anyhow i know this article didn't do it justice so, just watch the video.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok lets face it, the 80's are back with a vendetta on infiltrating every aspect of life that has become modern, boring, or even appropriate. So let's adapt, first of all I wanna talk about my personal favorite 80's icon, Cindy Lauper. Now everyone already knows her songs like Time After Time from Romy and Michelle's high school reunion, and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which they did but the fact is her style, wow. just. plain. wow. That bitch did 80's clothes like there's no tomorrow. K++ her hair in Time After Time is fucking tops! like can you guys see this shit? and her clothes in girls just wanna have fun?!!! well damn i'd have fun too if i was skipping around Manhattan in clothes like that! So to boost everyone's fav 80's icon heres two of her vids. Watch rinse and repeat.
Time After Time and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

~~~CRAP i started off this article to talk about how much i loved JUST the 80's ipod conversion boombox, i mean hey who wouldn't wanna live out your favorite retro movie and bounce down the street with some N.W.A. in the background, hell even try and sell some bootlegs while your at it.

But the fact is I LOVE THIS WEBSITE everything in it is too cute, too funny, too fucked up, to even mention! The only reason i havn't bought everything here is because currently i'm a broke college student and i always imagined i'd become in debt after college due to a drug problem or sooomething. They have tape deck usbs, glow in the dark shot glasses, and fucking ice packs in the shape of plasma bags. First of the plain fact is everything i've seen thats cool from urban outfitters or am ap. is from this website and personally i'm in love. So boys and girls lesson learned don't shop around, shop here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let's Talk about S-E-X

Okay people, let's talk about boys, meow, my friend Rhiannen said it best, boys if i'm gonna notice you it's all about the shoes and the shirt. Nothings gonna mess ya game up more then having some lame-ass running shoes on at a bar, or some crappy 3 year olds that are starting to fall apart. If you think the guy with the six pack is a game killer for ya think twice and look down (ps go to the gym). Anyhow nough-said, your two best weapons are having a killer tee and some bangin shoes. When it comes to amazing tees this company Cake Clothing Co. is just plain sexy. They've started out with tees and have expanded to sweatshirts and are starting to nail hats, they're based in NY and make it easy to be cool, with muffins shining like diamonds, girls in stiletto's wit bikini's, and a London meets NYC look, meow i don't know about you, but i'm lvuin it.(2)

Koolaid Sneaks???

Wow 2007 had some amazing collaborations,
Kanye and Daft Punk own the crown and the world knows they were one of the best. But others could atleast get a radical mention, others that come to mind in MY world would be M.I.A. and Lil Rye Rye, and yeah, lil Rye Rye is like 16 years old. You have a part time job at a pizza hut, she tours globally with M.I.A. Her life rocks period Anyhow This year is starting out with a Sugar coated bang! Koolaid So, i know 2007 had some maajor collaborations. Daft Punk and Kanye obviously was one of the is collaborating with Reeboks to make shoes. Now first of all there are two things i look for in shoes. One they need to be hot, not just hot, neon colors, omg i'm blinded by looking at them hot. Two, they need to smell good. Koolaids got both of them right. Koolaid x's come in a ton of flavors with the sole smelling like the color you get. Personally i'll be looking for cherry.