Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Koolaid Sneaks???

Wow 2007 had some amazing collaborations,
Kanye and Daft Punk own the crown and the world knows they were one of the best. But others could atleast get a radical mention, others that come to mind in MY world would be M.I.A. and Lil Rye Rye, and yeah, lil Rye Rye is like 16 years old. You have a part time job at a pizza hut, she tours globally with M.I.A. Her life rocks period Anyhow This year is starting out with a Sugar coated bang! Koolaid So, i know 2007 had some maajor collaborations. Daft Punk and Kanye obviously was one of the is collaborating with Reeboks to make shoes. Now first of all there are two things i look for in shoes. One they need to be hot, not just hot, neon colors, omg i'm blinded by looking at them hot. Two, they need to smell good. Koolaids got both of them right. Koolaid x's come in a ton of flavors with the sole smelling like the color you get. Personally i'll be looking for cherry.

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