Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's time to end the war.

Now, now, you know me, i'm not talking a ridiculous oil induced war but the one on an even more sinister enemy. The ugly comfortable shoe. Now most people know my personal opinion on such heinous items such as the Ugg(come on jersey girls the name says it all), and the croc(easy now, nurses i understand). But i've decided the way to eliminate such awful things is not to bring to attention the obvious negatives such as foot odor, feet being ripped limb from limb in escalators, but to remind people of other tasteful options. So i now introduce to you equally comfortable yet more stylish shoes.

#1 Street shoes/Wrestling shoes.
I k
now it's crazy, i'm ludicrous for even thinking it. But with the upswing on shoes in all
sorts of colors, and high tops making a comeback this is for the urban girl/boy who wants to rock some seriously killer shoes but doesn't wanna spend the 150 for some limited edition Nikes. I recently bought some and love them, pair them with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and your good to go. First of all the're positively fabulous in rip your eyes out neon colors like green, yellow, and pink just to name a few. They're the epitome of COMFORT, thats right ladies comfort! These shoes were built specifically for comfort and flexibility, the fact that they look kick ass is a fluke.

#2 Moccasins

Moccasins come in your basic colors that uggs come in, keep your feet extremely toasty and warm and can be bought anywhere. Just because a shoe is inexpensive doesn't mean it shouldn't be equally coveted like it's ugglier cousin, echem. Not only can they be purchased at cheap stylish stores such as Target. But bolder more colorful versions can be purchased at Urban outfitters.

#3 Ridingboots

Riding Boots have been prevalent all over from Manhatten, to Madrid and are a fabulous alternative to the UGG. They look great with jeans tucked under in the winter, or on top of leggings in the fall, hell even a cute summer dress when it gets warm out. They're comfy, cute, and these Jeffrey Campbells will keep you warm no matter what your sloshing through.

#4 Flats

I can't believe i even have to say this?? I don't know if the Sex has made you stupid or what but duh! Flats are the perfect shoe for someone who needs to slip something on quickly, as opposed to the technicolor croc, these come in stylish, flashy, crazy, or basic colors and can be bought anywhere. I don't even know where to start posting pics since there are so many flats in the world! Urban outfitters alone has a vast selection of these little critters and these are just a few.

These are just a few comfortable, sexy, and stylish alternatives to other shoes...

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