Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let's Talk about S-E-X

Okay people, let's talk about boys, meow, my friend Rhiannen said it best, boys if i'm gonna notice you it's all about the shoes and the shirt. Nothings gonna mess ya game up more then having some lame-ass running shoes on at a bar, or some crappy 3 year olds that are starting to fall apart. If you think the guy with the six pack is a game killer for ya think twice and look down (ps go to the gym). Anyhow nough-said, your two best weapons are having a killer tee and some bangin shoes. When it comes to amazing tees this company Cake Clothing Co. is just plain sexy. They've started out with tees and have expanded to sweatshirts and are starting to nail hats, they're based in NY and make it easy to be cool, with muffins shining like diamonds, girls in stiletto's wit bikini's, and a London meets NYC look, meow i don't know about you, but i'm lvuin it.(2)

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