Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok lets face it, the 80's are back with a vendetta on infiltrating every aspect of life that has become modern, boring, or even appropriate. So let's adapt, first of all I wanna talk about my personal favorite 80's icon, Cindy Lauper. Now everyone already knows her songs like Time After Time from Romy and Michelle's high school reunion, and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which they did but the fact is her style, wow. just. plain. wow. That bitch did 80's clothes like there's no tomorrow. K++ her hair in Time After Time is fucking tops! like can you guys see this shit? and her clothes in girls just wanna have fun?!!! well damn i'd have fun too if i was skipping around Manhattan in clothes like that! So to boost everyone's fav 80's icon heres two of her vids. Watch rinse and repeat.
Time After Time and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

~~~CRAP i started off this article to talk about how much i loved JUST the 80's ipod conversion boombox, i mean hey who wouldn't wanna live out your favorite retro movie and bounce down the street with some N.W.A. in the background, hell even try and sell some bootlegs while your at it.

But the fact is I LOVE THIS WEBSITE everything in it is too cute, too funny, too fucked up, to even mention! The only reason i havn't bought everything here is because currently i'm a broke college student and i always imagined i'd become in debt after college due to a drug problem or sooomething. They have tape deck usbs, glow in the dark shot glasses, and fucking ice packs in the shape of plasma bags. First of the plain fact is everything i've seen thats cool from urban outfitters or am ap. is from this website and personally i'm in love. So boys and girls lesson learned don't shop around, shop here!

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