Friday, January 11, 2008

Breaking past Bansky

Let's face it graffiti artists kick ass, walking through the streets of any city can be boring faced with gray wall, after gray wall. So who doesn't, besides you know owners of the buildings and cops, love some good graffiti to spice up the walk. So i'm giving a major shout out to two people who are shakin things up besides paint cans.

Have i said how much i love decapitated celebrities? You know what?
I don't think i have, well here it is people! Yeah nothing like a little gore in your art to grab people's attention. Nicknamed the Decapitator and yes you have to say it like that, sounds more badass. The Decapitator has been taking popular advertisements around East London and lopping off heads of models, cartoons, even the heads of high school musical teens(my fav). I think the main reason people love graffiti artists so much is because they make people see things in a different light by changing already perceived art. Don't ask me what light this guy was looking at but fyi, when some mass beheadings start happening in London I don't wanna hear crap about it being all of a sudden..can someone say warning signs??? Mutilation aside, check out this chicks/guys flickr sight to see before and after images.

Another breakthrough in the people with waaay too much time category is Light Writer, yeah it's corny, the German group Lichtfaktor. They've found a new paint less art. By using light technology and blah blah blah video equipment they've made trash cans transform into robots and held lightsaber battles in the middle of parks. The best part is this is some real Do It Yourself stuff, don't believe me? It's as easy as taking a glow stick swinging it around and taking a picture, it worked for me. (on the right is my attempt at it) Lichtfaktor get's little resistance from police since their art isn't defacing anything. Although the bomb squad was getting a little testy when they were working around the airport.

Anyhow i know this article didn't do it justice so, just watch the video.

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