Thursday, July 31, 2008

So. apparently Amy Winehouse is a Vampire...who knew?

(picture taken outside Amy winehouse's home)
(click to follow link)
Apparently Blood is now deliverable? Not even gonna ask what she needs a couple pints of blood for.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Acne. ugh.

God i fucking hate acne. Seriously it's like every single time i'm just about to be over want spot. My body decides to serve another one up on a platter for me.

"Oh whats that big guy? Just got rid of the little present i sent ya? Oh, got your confidence back up? Oh, don't worry about it, here's another little present for ya right on your fucking forhead, oh and don't worry i wrapped it in a little bit of low self esteem. Have fun getting laid this weekend. asshole"

wow thanks body. you rock. seriously.

Look all i'm saying is its 2000 fucking 8 and we haven't cured acne by now? I'm just saying we only even knew about cancer for like 30 years now. I really would have no problem donating to research for the cure and treatment of acne then cancer. Old people get cancer. Everyone gets acne. (yes as i've said before i'm going to hell, probably with lung cancer)

Anyhow thats why i want this. It sends thermal energy straight through the skin to zap acne. I want it..unfortunately they're about $150. taking out a college loan for an acne device a bag idea?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lets talk Media.

So. Normally i wouldn't chit chat about actually Important things but times change. Don't know if you guys heard about Chris Browns New song FOREVER which hit No 4 on billboard mags top 100 chart. Yeah, no shit it's Chris Brown right? Well guess what. Apparrently when he was singing

"We can go anywhere, go anywhere/ But first, it's your chance, take my hand, come with me"

as much as you 14 year old girls would like to believe so he wasn't talking to you but your GUM! Cha apparent, the execs at Wrigley's doublemint had him rewrite their "double your pleasure/double your fun" commercial then waited for it to hit the top ten charts only to announce that it was all orchestrated and sponsored by WRIGLEYS??!!!??

Seriously did they expect us to say, wow chris way to sell out completely and doom the music industry? I mean its not like he opened the floodgates for more and more corportate slogans to be subliminially weaved into an already commercialised market?

This weeks toolbag: Chris Brown

To read the full article and more news about such an event go to

Bike Fetish (sorry for the lack of posts, been busy

Can't help it. I have a not so secret fetish for biker boy's from their dumb little cap to their skinny little biker jean shorts they wear. Even the stupid way they wear their bike lock( which weighs like 5 lbs) into the back of their jeans. Fantastic.

Anyhow to run with that i'm currently looking for a new bike and have been looking at all things cool in the biking.

Anyhow heres the deal. I put something up and the ongoing question is. Will i get laid with this? Or look like a complete douchebag?

Check it out at adafruit industries.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Salute Your Shorts!

First off I know i have an erratic brain. But here goes. Thoughts in chronological order.
A. Wow this blog by (Shannon and Anna) is fantastic.
B. OOOOooo its another Philly run blog. I need to write a post about it and spread the philly blog love.
C. WTF?? One's a Temple Grad Too? and they work in Media?? Ace! lovin it, it's nice to see Temple Grads NOT working for McDonalds (cause i worry sometimes)
D. Gotta Give that Philly respect. (nah)
E. Props to philly(lame)
F. Ah! Salute Your Shorts! (primo)
G. OO I loved that show on Nickledoen, damn i miss rocko's Modern Life...great theme song.
H. (me screaming in my apartment) CAMP NAWANNA WE HOLD YOU IN OUR HEARTS!
K. I wonder if i can find a video of that theme song? ( 5 hours after getting lost in youtube)
L. Damn! i'm late, i better write this post.

This is why it takes me so long to post. a.k.a. why i don't post every day.

So anyhow. Anna and Shannon run the blogtastic(cheesey, no?) blog called Shmitten Kitten. It's two Philli chicks who love to have fun, love to drink, and love to write about the random shit that happens in philli. Nothing too serious or preachy here, just two chicks lovin life and making each other laugh.

I fell in love after reading a post about the WORST. WALK. OF. SHAME. EVER. seriously i almost peed myself. It involved a spongebob costume and sex. read it.

(oh and here's the theme song for Salute Your Shorts)

Tits McGee.

Bit ones. Wh wouldn't want to entertain with a cabinet like this

"Oh whats that my friend, another glass of wine? Why sure just grab a glass out of the closet. Oh and ya gotta jiggle the nips a bit they're a little rusty"

"Whats that? No Corkscrew for the bottle? Why that's in the dresser silly"

(Furniture designed by Mario Philippona)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Missbehave Mag Contest.

Ok! Philly it's time to show your love and go out and rep yo city. Missbehave Magazine is a bomb ass Mag that i know anyone who knows me nose all about(sniff sniff) echem. I need some help from you guys because they're having a Contest called America's Next Top Blogger and its up to the fans, aka you guys, to vote someone off the island. So do me a favor Click Here and vote off some other chick, feel free to read, comment, or bathe in the fucking awesomeness of Missbehave.

Seriously, remember that 5 bucks i lent you in middle school? I never complained but I'm cashing that I.O.U. in right now. These other chicks are some serious shit and I'm callin in for backup. So back me up!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wow. I'm no longer surprised at the twat.

I put this song on (note dancing bear in top right corner) cause it cheers me up when i'm down. Although one look at Amy's life and i already feel better about mine.

It's called Tears Dry On their Own and it's a remix by who knows who it's just a bit faster then the original so i can listen to it by myself or drunk off my ass with friends :}

How can you be so famous/rich and STILL BE THIS CRACKED OUT. Nothing like showing off your pusstacheto the world on a night on the town. God Bless her...cause i know the rest of us don't know what to do.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"You Can't Bite Me Jeff"

So obviously everyone loves Weeds Mary-Louise Parker.
Well I'm in love with the Maid from the show Flipping Out. I mean, the shows basically ace, from the OCD Jeff Lewis freaking out about shit all over the house, to his ex-lover/business partner(does bravo know how to pick drama or what?) Ryan Brown undermining him at every turn. The show is a cracked out version of the nice real estate agent Betty Sue, whose picture probably hang in every single neighborhood from 1985 to 1998. You remember the one, she was your moms friend who'd always wear power suits and wear her hair in a 90's version of Amy Crackhouse's hair?

Anyhow the show is about a OCD Homo which is scary on it's own. Whose sunk all his money into buying tons of million dollar homes and his life is resting on making a profit off of them. My Fav girl is Zoila Chavez who is a real life version of Rosario from Will and Grace. Heres a clip of the show.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

This week in the News, London is a Douche bag(America shakes fist) is a quick snapshot of what the world is wearing on a daily basis. Today we have a boy who actually thinks he's absolute ace.

Lets break it down a bit.
Pants, clown Vivienne Westwood. He actually paid alot of money for these, tsk tsk. such a pity
Vest: COMME DES GARCONS, this really is proof that money does not make the man.
The asshole actually just wrote Vintage for his trench coat. wow. poser.
It's like a rich clown that tried to become a hipster and got stuck halfway through.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Treat Bomb

Ok about to go out, so figured i'd throw out a treat real quick. No not a delicious snack like Vegan Treats based in New York.

But this. Prim Magazine, run by my girl at Live Speak Break Fashion Is a beautiful high glossy magazine without the waste of using actual Gloss or Glam or Paper, after all Glam is pretty expensive. Anyhow its got beautiful pictures, and pretty sweet interviews, i haven't gotten a chance to check out the new June/July Issue but check the website out here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Designer Vagina?? fa real?

Yeah, thats right Designer Vaginas the new hollywood trend pioneered by Dr. Matlock video and interview here by jezebel.

personally i think a couple of kegals would fix the lil bastards wreckage.

Also i love the heartfelt music behind the mom saying...hey i want a tighter pussy? and ya know what, dr. matlock is gonna do it.

Stop the Cancer Research!

We gotta figure out how to get to Missbehave's Bomb ass, taco filled party in NYC and who doesn't love taco's? (gay jokes aside please) Missbehave is throwing another huge summer bash at the Union Pool guys there will be girls in bikinis and free food. Girls..there will still be hot girls bikinis and free food. Also Missbehave is throwing it, so you know its gonna be crazy. Followed is a flyer of the party and the link. RSVP

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tops Music videos I could watch rolling balls at a night club.

You know that one moment when your drunk off your ass and you continue playing the same music video to your friends even though they're trying to do shots in peace.
Or how about when your at a night club and they keep playing random crap on the big screen...tsk tsk..such a waste of a big screen.
Well here is a list of some of the best music videos to watch/dance to when your drunk off your ass...or worse..or better :}

Click the links to Download the song/ dancier versions of the songs.
top downloads
My Moon Man Remix by B!G!H!
Larry T (herve goes low remix)

Benny Benassi Satisfaction Video
Original (acid friendly)

Edited Mainstream Version

Eric Prydz Call on Me

Thunderheist Jerk It (Video made by U Washington students Noel Paul and Stefan Moore)

MGMT Electric Feel
(loving the new MGMT feel softer like a dream, less like a nightmare)

Larry Tee Licky

Wonderlust (visually stunny, just ignore the music)

Simian Disco Hustler Video (old version is soooo much better perfect background for a huge screensaver or something lol)

Declare Independance
(little intense for me but Bjork has always made amazing videos, not so much on the music)

Time to Pretend (Giant Crab Monsters, Kittens, and one of the beautiful singers riding a hawk.) Couldn't find the video here's the link

Feist My Moon My Moon (10x better then ok go!)

LeLe's Breakfast Video (flap jacks and cartoon O.J.)

Kanye West Good Life

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reminiscent of High School

Anyone miss high school? Anyone miss when Hollister was still cool? When shameless sex filled advertising worked? When walking in and smelling cheap Hollister Drift Cologne made you think of warm So. Co. Beaches instead of puking? When you "discovered" HelloGoodbye and thought they were so cool and didn't think of 12 year old girls in mini skirts and wanted to vom? I miss High School when I bought Lifestyle brands and didn't cynically look at the merchandising industry and just...bought it? Now even American Apparel hipster douche bags hard to believe.

Driving through small towns late at night drunk with friends. I miss it. Remember Jacks Mannequin? They remind me of those classic summer nights.

I know this is a weird post for my fans and i'm sorry but everyonce in a while, i think i miss a dark country road without crazy night clubs/parties/and real lives. Their song, Dark Blue was written by lead singer Andrew McMahon who
wrote it, after going through intense chemotherapy and his girlfriend (total bombshell) greeted him with nothing on and a dark blue light illuminating her body.
(i write this drunk, i think thats wear the reminiscing comes from)

Anyhow enjoy the song playing and the early 2000's throwback.
Heres the link to Jack's Mannequin webpage.
Heres the link to download the song Dark Blue which is playing right now.