Friday, July 18, 2008

Missbehave Mag Contest.

Ok! Philly it's time to show your love and go out and rep yo city. Missbehave Magazine is a bomb ass Mag that i know anyone who knows me nose all about(sniff sniff) echem. I need some help from you guys because they're having a Contest called America's Next Top Blogger and its up to the fans, aka you guys, to vote someone off the island. So do me a favor Click Here and vote off some other chick, feel free to read, comment, or bathe in the fucking awesomeness of Missbehave.

Seriously, remember that 5 bucks i lent you in middle school? I never complained but I'm cashing that I.O.U. in right now. These other chicks are some serious shit and I'm callin in for backup. So back me up!

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