Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reminiscent of High School

Anyone miss high school? Anyone miss when Hollister was still cool? When shameless sex filled advertising worked? When walking in and smelling cheap Hollister Drift Cologne made you think of warm So. Co. Beaches instead of puking? When you "discovered" HelloGoodbye and thought they were so cool and didn't think of 12 year old girls in mini skirts and wanted to vom? I miss High School when I bought Lifestyle brands and didn't cynically look at the merchandising industry and just...bought it? Now even American Apparel hipster douche bags hard to believe.

Driving through small towns late at night drunk with friends. I miss it. Remember Jacks Mannequin? They remind me of those classic summer nights.

I know this is a weird post for my fans and i'm sorry but everyonce in a while, i think i miss a dark country road without crazy night clubs/parties/and real lives. Their song, Dark Blue was written by lead singer Andrew McMahon who
wrote it, after going through intense chemotherapy and his girlfriend (total bombshell) greeted him with nothing on and a dark blue light illuminating her body.
(i write this drunk, i think thats wear the reminiscing comes from)

Anyhow enjoy the song playing and the early 2000's throwback.
Heres the link to Jack's Mannequin webpage.
Heres the link to download the song Dark Blue which is playing right now.

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