Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Salute Your Shorts!

First off I know i have an erratic brain. But here goes. Thoughts in chronological order.
A. Wow this blog by (Shannon and Anna) is fantastic.
B. OOOOooo its another Philly run blog. I need to write a post about it and spread the philly blog love.
C. WTF?? One's a Temple Grad Too? and they work in Media?? Ace! lovin it, it's nice to see Temple Grads NOT working for McDonalds (cause i worry sometimes)
D. Gotta Give that Philly respect. (nah)
E. Props to philly(lame)
F. Ah! Salute Your Shorts! (primo)
G. OO I loved that show on Nickledoen, damn i miss rocko's Modern Life...great theme song.
H. (me screaming in my apartment) CAMP NAWANNA WE HOLD YOU IN OUR HEARTS!
K. I wonder if i can find a video of that theme song? ( 5 hours after getting lost in youtube)
L. Damn! i'm late, i better write this post.

This is why it takes me so long to post. a.k.a. why i don't post every day.

So anyhow. Anna and Shannon run the blogtastic(cheesey, no?) blog called Shmitten Kitten. It's two Philli chicks who love to have fun, love to drink, and love to write about the random shit that happens in philli. Nothing too serious or preachy here, just two chicks lovin life and making each other laugh.

I fell in love after reading a post about the WORST. WALK. OF. SHAME. EVER. seriously i almost peed myself. It involved a spongebob costume and sex. read it.

(oh and here's the theme song for Salute Your Shorts)

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