Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tops Music videos I could watch rolling balls at a night club.

You know that one moment when your drunk off your ass and you continue playing the same music video to your friends even though they're trying to do shots in peace.
Or how about when your at a night club and they keep playing random crap on the big screen...tsk tsk..such a waste of a big screen.
Well here is a list of some of the best music videos to watch/dance to when your drunk off your ass...or worse..or better :}

Click the links to Download the song/ dancier versions of the songs.
top downloads
My Moon Man Remix by B!G!H!
Larry T (herve goes low remix)

Benny Benassi Satisfaction Video
Original (acid friendly)

Edited Mainstream Version

Eric Prydz Call on Me

Thunderheist Jerk It (Video made by U Washington students Noel Paul and Stefan Moore)

MGMT Electric Feel
(loving the new MGMT feel softer like a dream, less like a nightmare)

Larry Tee Licky

Wonderlust (visually stunny, just ignore the music)

Simian Disco Hustler Video (old version is soooo much better perfect background for a huge screensaver or something lol)

Declare Independance
(little intense for me but Bjork has always made amazing videos, not so much on the music)

Time to Pretend (Giant Crab Monsters, Kittens, and one of the beautiful singers riding a hawk.) Couldn't find the video here's the link

Feist My Moon My Moon (10x better then ok go!)

LeLe's Breakfast Video (flap jacks and cartoon O.J.)

Kanye West Good Life


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Shar said...

You already know that I love all of those songs. But in refs to your hatred of Bjork, the Wanderlust B-Ju remix is a little more dancey than the original.