Sunday, July 13, 2008

"You Can't Bite Me Jeff"

So obviously everyone loves Weeds Mary-Louise Parker.
Well I'm in love with the Maid from the show Flipping Out. I mean, the shows basically ace, from the OCD Jeff Lewis freaking out about shit all over the house, to his ex-lover/business partner(does bravo know how to pick drama or what?) Ryan Brown undermining him at every turn. The show is a cracked out version of the nice real estate agent Betty Sue, whose picture probably hang in every single neighborhood from 1985 to 1998. You remember the one, she was your moms friend who'd always wear power suits and wear her hair in a 90's version of Amy Crackhouse's hair?

Anyhow the show is about a OCD Homo which is scary on it's own. Whose sunk all his money into buying tons of million dollar homes and his life is resting on making a profit off of them. My Fav girl is Zoila Chavez who is a real life version of Rosario from Will and Grace. Heres a clip of the show.

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