Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Somebody dropped the ball.

Ok does everyone remember teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas??? Do we all remember how ridiculously hard every 13 year old girl (and some boys) fell for him when we were in 5th grade or whatever. I completely forgot about the boy that wowed all as an adorable yet sarcastic teen on Home Improvement. (and every sing tim allen/ Christmas movie since)
PicI am sorely disappointed in my friends for NOT telling me he stars in the movie speedway junkie. Uh hello, he plays a HOOKER??? A.K.A. tons of skin, not to mention BISEXUAL HOOKER! First off i totally plan on reprimanding them for not doing their job and telling me this. Second seriously how does he rate against the heartthrobs of today?
Oh and third can we talk about the fact that he still looks HOT nowadays?? Get this boy a movie deal!

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