Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's time...

it's like my brain completely turns off for most of the day and, except for the hours of 12 at night till 5, acts like an e-tard. Luckily i was thinking about the blog at about 3 in the morning (prime time bay bay) and want to get back to basics.
This blog is meant for the average kid who just wants to find some bomb ass music, learn about a new artist, or just find out where to get some tasty threads btw, but doesn't feel like searching all over to find it.
It's not meant to be a huge hypefest for the newest dj to come out of some random warehouse in London. Cause the people that want that probably helped that dj get big anyways. My target audience is just your average city kid ( or hell even country clubber) that wants to know Whats up? Whose blowin up? and Whats out the door?
The Details:
Fiest: 1234 (m!g!h! get up kid edit) ( fast, better, stronger, somethign to dance to)
AUSTINE AU SOLEIL re edit (smooth cool intro that flows in to a bumpin beat)
Fiest: My Moon Man MY!GAY!HUSBAND! (hands down a great)

  • Anyhow my recent obsession is My!Gay!Husband! yeah, make fun of the name, but it'll be the last time you do. My!Gay!Husband! has had his hands in everything for the past couple years and has always had great mixes with several artists. He's known for throwing banging parties in the Vancouver Heroin District (ech!) and being shameless for flaunting his shit. Trust me a def. code red watch out for him!

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