Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm obsessed with the new season for some reason, admittedly J.D.'s obnoxious over emotional personality and his ongoing break up, get back together relationship with Elliot killed me. But for now, all is well, and everyone is seemingly hilarious. Well, i was kinda high when i watched the first episode but thats besides the point. 
In non related, related news Kate Micucci i
s adorable!
 I've never heard of her but those big ol eyes just remind me of those little monkey or african squirrels oh what are they called....

oh! Tarsiers! 
Cute right? Well she's much more adorable, really quirky, and is the only singer i know who can pull off a ukulele. 
compare and contrast yes? no? I hated when papers asked me to compare and contrast

The more i find out about her the cuter and quirkier she gets! Check out her music video/short
She also has a reoccurring  you-tube show which is equally adorable. 
Whew, i'm finished. that is all. Night

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