Saturday, March 29, 2008


I had a funny dream last involved a lot of colors, flying through clouds, and a world that looked alot like sesame street on acid. (its a compliment) Now if a dream like that had a soundtrack to it, and was sold at your local target obvi, it'd sound like the Alphabeats.
To describe their music and style i'd use the words, fantabulous, nonsensi
cal, and 80's chic. None of these words actually pin them down enough to describe them and thats probably what they want. To describe them means to use words that really don't define anything cause they really are undefinable. Their music exists in a realm of 80's and 90's pop. Their myspace describes themselves as, "the love child of the B52’s and Wham," that alone was enough to get me intrigued.

Happy, melodious, and fantastical. The Alphabeat is everything we loved about the 80's and early 9'0's, with more cool t-shirts and clothes then a Justice video.
Check out the song Fascination's video here and download here

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