Monday, March 31, 2008

We all know THAT girl...

This post is dedicated to a special friend of mine. You may, or may not, know her but you all have THAT friend...
Today i was reminiscing about a particularly fantastic Saturday night, you know where you meet a ton of friends, tell good stories, and drink a TON of alcohol (never again will i mix peppermint schnapps and sunkist soda no matter HOW desperate i get for a mixer blech). The next day i was looking for any memories of that night that might pop up on face book. But there were none that showed up. I also wanted to thank the people who threw that party last night, but i couldn't for the hell of me remember their names?? Unfortunately THAT girl hadn't been apart of that night, let me explain...
That girl, you all know that girl that somehow shows up at the party you sorta mighta mentioned to her earlier that day hoping she wouldn't show... shes the girl that..
  • Always makes a loud screech as soon as she sees someone she knows at the party and yells their name
  • Instantly has to take atleast 50 photos of you and the other 25 people she met that night as soon as she got past her first appletini.
  • Laughs and has to pose/take a picture as soon as anything's funny or a good group/convo gets going..
  • Is the douchebag who takes incredibly embarrassing photos of people and puts them on facebook, even if their on a sports team and can't be shown with beer
  • Simply haaas to upload all of the pics from that night either as soon as she leaves the party or the next morning on facebook
  • Tag's every single picture of someone in it or friend requests them the next day to make sure their in the album..even if it's bob smoking a cig in the background..
But no! no longer will i make fun of THAT girl. In fact let us all learn a lesson. She holds a delicate place in society. Nobody wants to ruin the moment by whipping out their camera as something hilarious is going on. Nobody wants to be the person stalking that cute guy you met by scrolling through profile after profile. Not to mention how hard it is to remember who left that texas sized hickey on your neck after that fourth screwdriver.
So heres my thanks to the THAT girls all over the place.
You help us to social network by conveniently seeing who was at the party that night
You help us remember that great stories and moments of a night
You help us remember that cute boy we met
You are the one that puts up the pictures no one would dare put up of Suzanne, who has a boyfriend, and Max sucking face in the corner.
So heres to you! Our own personal paparazzi! For doing a job no one wants to do and being the chick no one wants to be!
I won't be inviting you to the next party, but heres hoping you somehow make it there!

oh and ps, go to to look at hundreds of embarrassing photos of college parties...douchebag karen on overtime.

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