Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cheap Cheeps!!

Whats every fashionista or fashionisto (mech! i don't like that word) want in a new piece of clothing/accesory/item. Heres a scale for judging each item your wearing right now.

3pts for being cheap (cause let's face it we'ze broke!)
2 pt for being trendy, cause lets be real jean overalls were once trendy ( i know their supposed to come back i don't wanna talk about it)
3 pts if no one else has it, cause everyone hates that b!tch Sandy who buys the exact same thing two day's later. (you lie to her! never tell her wear you got it!)
1 pt if its foreign (see above, even Sandy isn't going to India for that shit)
*1 bonus pt* if it's from a thrift store, cause Hellz who doesn't like a good find.
Talley your score up, trust me if its not a solid 10 don't be worried, although my pants were a 9, my shirt was a 4, don't judge! it's early in the morning and i'm in college. Anyhow do not fear! fashionspace is here!

Is a website for everyone from designers, to marketers, to people whose closets spill out the room and into the hallway and piss's off their roomates.(echem)
It's wear alot of new designers go and and publish their stuff for sale before they hit it big. So it's basically a ton of really cheap, cool shit that won't cost alot.
Just watch out cause alot of the clothes are priced in Euros and you have to add shipping.
I have found this cute jewelry store calledSo go out and shop!

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