Monday, August 4, 2008

Fuck my life

So. its 4 in the morning. just got back from the diplo concert. i just got back from the diplo concert at the collaseum ( i can't spell) drunk. i just stole a road bike from checkers. 5 feet away from policemen who were listening to a hobo rap. after accidently covering myself in salsa i'm in the kitchen in my underpants. eating salsa and nachos....and smoking a cig...fuck my life.

~~~~So to the readers. You obviously will find this post boring. cause i know you. your cool. you read you keep up with the hottest trends. you go to coffee shops and smoke cigs. you complain about the gov't but don't really give a fuck. This post is boring. old news. lame. but thats cause your already in the know. But do your friends a favor. before he becomes the next artist of the week. ugh. Tell your damn friends about chromeo. Its sad really. Tell the high school girls. who say they always loved m.i.a. before the "pineapple express"commercial ( yeah i was pissed when i saw that too) But have no idea about who he is. just tell em. burn the fucking cd and tell em whats up. i don't need to say anymore except look em up.


fine.. heres the mp3's

Seriously. chromeo inventers extrordinare.

Don't be an idiot. atleast download these ***

Momma's Boy ***

Needy Girl

Fancy footwork ***

Bonafied Lovin

Rage ***

Woman Friend

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aQwRd-E said...

did i mention scream was at the diplo set? legendary.