Monday, May 25, 2009

Jezebel vs. Mr. Cockbib

Heated debate between Jezebelians and Mr. Cockbib got me laughin. First off they don't even attack the dis functionality it holds from the males standpoint. What palty peeen is this guy packing where the cockbib is making cleanup easier? The only thing more ridiculous to look at then a hard on with this wrapped around like a cheap hotel doorknocker is the image of, ugh, a sickly looking post-beej softie. It'd look like a warm put on a ghetto superman costume w/cape. I think actually wearing this out (what, are you gonna slip this on right before a girl goes down?) would prevent your balls from getting messy just due to the lack of poon your ever gonna get.

Good luck, and may god have mercy on your balls.

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