Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vacant: The closest Philly is ever getting to TopShop

Let's be honest, Philly has the music scene on wrap. Without bragging this city has turned some heads and it's usually cause of what's coming out of the 215 (see Elevator Fight post).

Luckily word is we're getting a VACANT STORE possibly as soon as June. If you don't know what Vacant is here's the basics.
They move into a random location in a city.
Open shop without really telling everyone.
Think sample sale of exclusive shoes, tshirts, clothes, and possibly art on the cheap.
Everyone get super hyped and they immediately close down shop about 2 months later.
Everyone cry and wail and search for the next one
So. This is why everyone needs to keep a look out cause the quicker it's found the more time we have. An American Apparel sell in Philly will make ya fight your friends.
In the meantime check out their Philly site or follow them at pr3ttyvacant on twitter. I don't know who runs their shit but it's pretty good. For instance, did you guys know Lily had a straight to hell cover?

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Erina said...

this sounds sweeeeet. comme des garcons does a similar thing and calls them guerrilla stores, though i doubt they're plopping one down in philly anytime soooon. ps, where rrrrr you?