Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GQ interviews Bruno

GQ interview with Bruno "man of the decade" and Australian Fashion photographer on style, class, and how to stay on top

Just imagine how many people worked soley
for this mans naked football induced photo shoot

I hope one day I'm funny enough to have an entire football team (they have to be real, no actors) paid solely for my balls to uncomfortably be displayed in their faces.

Hey, BrĂ¼no, I recently started collecting unemployment. Any style tips for someone on a tight budget?
Times are hard, but if you shop around und are prepared to vear some things twice before throwing zem avay, it is
still possible to look good on a clothing budget of about $20,000 a veek. Ich mean, obwiously you vill need a bit more zan zat if you are planning on leaving ze house.

(here is the only youtube video i could find)

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