Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Save the pretty art for the Galleries. I want John Isaacs in MY room.

British born artist and creator does things with plastic god himself refused to create. I think for good reason, if we saw some of these creatures walking around I think people would carry around vomit buckets.Not to say that they're not still a work of art, because they are. I'm sure theres a lengthy process to come up with these images which includes Tim Burton films and lsd but he seems to keep it pretty secret. Here are a sampling of his works from the past couple years galleries. He uses graphic imagery to drive home power points across several different mediums blah blah blah dude did you see the gallery of the severed hand? Crazy.
The bio on his website gives a small insight into his dark reality, its nice to see what a cynic really dreams about.
Isaacs’ work seems to suggest that if you scratch at the surface of conventional reality, then a repressed can of worms – a world of ugly and uncomfortable truth – lies just below the thin plastic exterior of our pre-packed modern sanitised world.

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