Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Admittedly sometimes i say douchebaggy things, i even occasionally think douchebaggy thoughts. I can't help it, we all have a little douche in us every once in a while. Thats not my fault, whether you just need a good inside out cleaning or the fact that you just made the lamest joke possible at a party douchemoments happen all the time.

For instance when talking with some friends about new artists I sadly blurted out the fact that I had been listening to them before others had, i know shamefully embarrassing. Immediately after saying it I wanted to kick myself in the nuts. Why the hell do we care about finding new music? Why is it important to "discover" artists, especially since someone, somewhere, has discovered artists first?
Well I blame sports. Yeah. sports. Cause frankly I couldn't give to fucks, or atleast 1.5 fucks about sports, teams or the weird pride Bro's be gettin about sports. Yet music on the other hand is something i could, and have, gotten into a screaming match about, in fact the wrong person playing music can COMPLETELY and i mean COMPLETELY ruin my night. (you know who you are) So there it is bros have their sports to be competitive about, rant about, have fantasy wet dreams (leagues) about and I've got music. Sadly it turns me into a douche. oh well.

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