Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is NOT a personal blog

Autumn Blues.

My Mother always said she got energy from the sun. That it warmed her and even became depressed when it rained or was cloudy for days on end. I think I inherited that trait and when Falll usually comes around i become moody and antzy. Usually when i think of Fall i think of cuddling up with a good book, making hot chocolate or watching a movie. Unfortunately i think i like the romanticized idea more then the action. It's so hard to turn off the tv, the music, and not check my emails or websites for more then an hour and just sit. It's fustrating in fact as soon as I sat down after scurrying for hot chocolate and a book i felt the urge to get on the laptop and actually type what i was doing to everyone.

Why do we feel the incredible urge to stay connected? Back to my book.

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