Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amanda Blanco

I know i know! She's so in and i'm so late. I knew about this Philly girl for a while but sorta rolled my eyes at a white chick trying to rap.
mildy racist and unapologetic
I'm sorry. Anyhow I've recently jumped on the bangwagon and loved it. What caught me?
Spank Rock - Bump (feat. Amanda Blank) (Pink Skull Remix)
(i'm an ass and can't get the download. its late. dealz)
She's down with spank, and i realized i'm down with her lyrics.

Not to mention she's the lead singer of a indie band called Sweetheart.
Legit the girlz bad and signed to Downtown records in..kid sister/j.u.s.t.i.c.e/santogold/spank rock.
Big. Things. Poppin.

Check their video for some hilarious lyrics

"Finger Banging and listenin to winger"
"i'll make you cum wit my retard finger"

Wanna know what partying with the Yo Majesty Girlz( fuck that shit) and Am
anda Blank is like?
Stage titties

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