Friday, November 21, 2008

Conversation Starters and too much spare time

Normally i find "celebrity" homos that spring from youtube trashy a.k.a. chris chrocker/jeffree star but this guy was pretty impressive(had alot of spare time)
His name is Shane Mercado and is apparently another "sensation" from youtube ugh.

For about 2.5 seconds i tried my hand at recreating her video.

My roomates walked in and now have a great conversation starter for the rest of the night
"So i just got back from class and guess who i find dancing in their underpants :}"

~Happy Drinking!


Matt Petrillo said...

what a Chris Crocker wannabe!

Skyler Little Axe said...

We have to give it to homegirl though, she worked that one year of dance school rhythm for all it was worth. A good effort but overall the boy fell was off way too much. I know plenty of dancers who could of had that on point in less than three hours time. And the cheesy full mouthed smiles! He looked like the backup dancer from one of Britney "Failed Comeback, But Trying" Spears. Specifically, Spears' dancing partner in the "Sometimes" video. See him and all his "Just Jack" glory @ 1:03: