Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogs about blogs. someone stop this.

Culture, blogs about culture, satirical blogs about culture, blogs about blogs, blogs about blog culture, damn.

Well, here is another one. New top blog to discover, hysterically laugh at high, and then immediately get bored of after 3 days. Fuck you, Penguin is what happens when built up aggression towards your family pet gets left unchecked. Check it.
I can tell you have some kind of grand scheme up your sleeve, Beaver, or you would if you were wearing a shirt (if you put on a goddamn shirt, I'm going to fucking go apeshit on you). I haven't figured out what it is you're planning yet, but beavers don't just go around tapping their fingers together like an evil genius for no reason. Look, I know you are jealous that we make way better dams than you guys, but that's no reason to plot for our complete and total annihilation. I'm not quite sure yet how to react, but I've got my eye on you, Beaver...

Also, your tail is showing.

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