Thursday, December 18, 2008

Self-concious conciousness

How self conscious can we as a society get, with blogs about cultures, blogs about blogs, and blogs about blog culture someone has to start living and stop judge.....oh ps its not gonna be me so don't get excited. But the day is nice, Philadelphia is smiling upon me and yes, finals are finished it's time for a little adventure.

I truly wanna see Synechdoche, New York the critiques are raving about it, and it seems weird as fuck. what else could i ask for? Well, the Ritz is playing it today at 4:00 and 9:45 and i plan on being drunk by 8 so i guess its time for a midday flick. (not THAT kind of flick i think Paul Rueubens taught us j/o in theatres is just a bad idea)

Check out the preview for Synechdoche, New York and get introspective ya'll

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