Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bootleg Ass Hoes hoes hoes...

Remember that post a lil bit ago? Nah you probably don't cause your friend just told you to check this blog out a couple minutes ago but thats ok. Check out about Lichtfaktor.

For the rest of you those boys is back, no longer doing single products their shit is everywhere. Commercials, music videos, hell parties if you got enough money. Anyhow their shit don't stank, and apparently it's catching on.

Light-Paint Piano Player from Ryan Cashman on Vimeo.

Cute right? Sometimes its the little things like aliens coming down to play for me that make life grand..sniff..

Knockoffs are universal, sometimes they can be just as cool as the original but then that bitch with the original shows up..and you remember how much better they are. Fuck them for being so much better ugh.

Forest from LICHTFAKTOR on Vimeo.

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