Thursday, December 25, 2008

Late Night

Sometimes between the hours of 2-5 in the morning my brain tends to get…a little weird. My friends have noticed this if they after try and wake me up, it usually ends with me screaming and saying something strange. I specifically remember this being an embarrassment during sleepovers “I’m NOT wearing underwear!” really isn’t something you should yell in a room full of guys. Sometimes at odd hours my brain decides to become a sit com writer and random, and I mean RANDOM scenes pop into my head from nowhere this scene appeared as I sat on the toilet without any reading material…
“How could you write these lies about my daughter!?”
“Ok first off lady, you need to get off my front porch, second I merely misquoted her it was probably a typo”
“You wrote that I regularly help douche her!”
“Look lady it sold papers and besides who cares if people think you have to douche her vagaygay? It’s not like she’s going out”
“You said it was an interview on how she struggles with her handicap”
“Well maybe she shouldn’t gurgle when she talks cause globglrflagr brealihfa can be taken a lot of ways…”
“she has a cleft lip you bastard!”
“lady I’m gonna have to ask you off my front porch”
Which made me laugh and caused my parents to ask why I was laughing in the bathroom ( this was at the reasonable hour of 11 at night as opposed to 3 in the morning).

This is why I hate home. I can’t drive, the internet is sucky, I’m stuck ON A CAMPGROUND SURROUNDED BY CORNFIELDS and although I love my friends, their cheap as fuck and most times won’t make the trek to middle of nowhere to pick me up. I then sit til 4 in the morning watching random shit online, download music, and write. g2g just downloaded season 1 of Rick and Steve. Ooo I just found eggnog and rum in my parents fridge!
fuck my life.

Rick And Steve at

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