Monday, April 27, 2009

On a serious note

"We(me) here at aqwrdmusings want to take time out of our serious programming to take a look at the serious social issues concerning all of us as citizens" The more you know!
Earlier today i twatted all over the place. It was indeed gross, but not for the reasons your thinking of, the video "everyone's talking about" of south philly cops aggressively arresting and abusing artists and fans coming out of the TLA show last night has been twittered, blogged and discussed all day after it's original posting on the internet.

I'm not going to go into full detal because it's pretty been covered through the artists page and other blogs.
The Bamboozle Road Show(April 26 Philly): Bands, Batons, & Blood

There are two points that I wanted to bring up, the first is a simple question of how long is it going to take till actions by the philadelphia police are no longer tolerated? How long is it going to be till "our generation" starts caring enough about the world around us to do something? (hypocritically as i sit eating ice cream on my laptop)

I'm not saying that this incident is that important in the long run, especially compared to other much more poignant incidents by the police but it IS another incident of the ongoing abuse of police power in the city.

The second ( this is a long one) reason i'm bring this up is the fact that by reading the forums i'm even more shocked at how surprised many people are by this footage. People, this happens alot more often then you think. Unfortunately for most black people living in the poorer areas in this city police brutality is a much more real threat then for most of us. The city has had a long history of political corruption and overly aggressive views on policing set up by mayor Frank Rizzo. From the m.o.v.e. bombing to red summer to um..LESS THAN A YEAR AGO "may of overstepped their authority"!?? situations like this are no rarity in the city. It seems almost everyone has a horror story of bigotry and racism from all demographics of the city.

I am curious to see if history will repeat itself. Like many stories during the civil rights movement will harsher punishments be dealt to the officers who barely beat white civilians then those who beat up these African American men earlier this year? Will this be the straw that finally breaks the cities back on their leniancy with the Philadelphia police? probably not.

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