Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reasons why you shouldn't really buy anything at urban besides skinny jeans

I iz pissed at you! I, Senior Internez, don't like you urban outfitters. I seez the way you sneak around on the online and pass it off az yours. KNOCK IT OFF!

A. Just about every accessory or quirky knik knak can be found online. If you don't have enough time to look around online for things to raise your "maybe she does have a personality" level then maybe you should give up. J.Crew IS right across the street. Here i'll even be nice and show you the site most of their shit is bought from :

For instance suckuk is chockful of stupid stuff that will make your friends think your slightly more interesting. (except the terrorist tea pot. that just rules)
B. Just about any item thats not a basic piece comes from or is stolen off of a designer from Etsy. In case you have no idea what Etsy is i'll fill you. Don't tell anyone about how you just found it though cause just like "discovering" 6 month old music, your ignorance makes you look like a douche. Etsy is basically a website where most upstart artist handmake alot of clothes and goods for mad cheap. I fell in love with the owl messenger bag, see how his cute lil eyes judge you for not knowing about him. adorable: www.etsy.com

C. Quality, I mean that real shit, those limited mind blowing toys or shoes that somehow collaborate with Urban can all be found here www.wejetset.com I sadly won't act like i can afford any of it sigh...oops! the arkitip krink laptop sleeve just made me cream. time to change my pants.

These are the basics guys, it doesn't come even close to covering all you can find. If you find any other sites that fit into this category comment and let me know! Sorry for Senior Internez's ranting, sorry for insulting you guys. I think we all learned a lesson here.

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Erina said...

i love you. times 18. million.

<3 -erina