Sunday, April 26, 2009

Satan's single right?

Lame HRO gimmik Satan's Single Right?

Do yall think Satan has a girlfriend? Wonder if he's a committed relationship type of guy? I feel he's looking to "settle down" soon but can't find the right girl/guy/demon ya know? Wonder if he wants kids?
Do you think he's a "cool dad?" Feel like he'd be the kind of guy to let his kids drink in the basement, I mean, he's Satan, whose gonna call him out?

I think satan's just misunderstood ya know? Just a powerful alt-bro looking for good times
Brazilian Girls - "Good Time" (Diplo Remix)

Probably feels like he "doesn't belong" here. Just trying to find his way.

Some time's I wonder if him and the Jeeezz are "frenemies" feel like they probably run in the same social circle right?
It's hard living the ultimate alternative lifestyle. Feel bad for the big guy.

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Anonymous said...

You're parodies of HRO are not clever because HRO is already a parody of itself.

Instead of being funny, it's just redundant.