Friday, January 16, 2009

Anyone Else Pumped for Coraline?

The makers behind the film adaptation of Coraline have their game on wrap. The book is a fantasy horror story that can only be described as delightfully cruel. Neil Gaiman is about to make a fortune. The marketing department must be getting paid an arm and an...eye or two...for all their doing. The website is full of dark animation with hours of in depth bonus's and has already been on tons of creative advertisign websites for their ingenuity. Check out the Mr. Bobinksy's Circus to see things a mustache should never do on a childrens sight.

Then these custom handcrafted boxes started appearing everywhere, and not just to anyone, to bloggers all over the world. Adorable, creepy, detailed, and most of all expensive. I'm thoroughly pumped to see the movie. It's the closest thing to getting that mysterious appeal that the Nightmare before christmas has. Here are other websites dedicated to the movie and a preview with the director.

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