Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So Apparently Coke Makes You Obnoxious.

No shit, any of your roomates could of said you were obnoxious anytime after 4 in the morning. Frankly once my buzz wears off, its bedtime. period.

The geniuses of the world apparently came together, solved world hunger, cancer, aids, and acne (i care about acne research more then anything) and decided.."huh i wonder what would happen if we coked up a bunch of bees and had a little banger" So the lead scientist basically ran a small crime and drug ring pushing coke and booze on these poor little bees.
I basically find the entire premise for the experiment hilarious. For actual facts.
Read the article at Gawker

Short version: Coke makes you obnoxious, Drinking makes homo's hook up. no new news there.

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