Friday, January 23, 2009

Holy Zombified Hitler Batman!

Frankly when i saw some of the previews for the films showed at the Sundance Film Festival all I could think was. Wow. These are gonna make some banging taglines, first ones at the top.

Yeah, Zombies and Nazis what else could you ask for? Oh, how about 5-6 hot scandanavian college students with a weird Pirates of the Caribbean plot line. Thanks that's all i needed to hear. Pass the pipe, and get ready to see DEAD SNOW
Next Ewan McGregor is co-staring in a movie he summed up best "its a gay prison romance story" Not sure how i feel about Jim Carey playing a mo in I Love You Phillip Morris. The thought of him bumpin and grinding his awkward body against McGregor gives me the skeeves. Personally I might pass.
"Hey you guys wanna get dry fucked?" Sorry but any movie where a seven year old says that is gold in my opinion.
Mystery Team is going to be the perfect movie to relax, turn your brain off, and laugh.

~~~~~sorry i would continue but i got a date with Cindy Whitmarsh

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