Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your lady business means business

But fa real our parts go through way too much for us. This cam could of been alot worse. Today lets give it up for our parts! (but not really) I know! this weekend take your parts out and about, pamper them, let them baaath in raw luxury! Fancy new undies? check! A fresh haircut? Check! In fact if you get bored, why not hit up those parts that don't get played with too often? Check! Check! If your really feeling ballsy (ooo bad pun) why not forget about wearing leggins or skinny jeans and go for some good ol sweats. Sure you'll look like crap, but your parts will be happy :)
Here's to you parts!

Oh i forgot tranni parts, you should really be nice to them today whatever they are/going to be cause ...they've been through alot for you.

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