Monday, January 12, 2009

Your never fully dressed without a smile (this is STILL not a personal blog)

Apparently Annie said it best (the 1982 version not that 1999 shit). I recently found out I have sleep apnea which chiefly means that cause of some swollen knock of tonsil (adenoids) I’m not so silently choking during my sleep and waking up every 20 minutes, It’s just as much fun as it sounds don’t worry. The best part is I got to find this out by having doctors shove wires everywhere you can and can’t imagine on and in my body while I sleep. This lack of sleep has given me the personality of a pregnant rhino and I’m pretty sure my friends have noticed. At least now I have something to blame it on instead of people just assuming that I’m an asshole.

That’s just the prequel ladies and gentlemen because obviously that Annie reference doesn’t mean shit right now. I recently started my new job at Club Monaco and have already embarrassed myself the first day of work. Pardon me for thinking that the 9-3 shift at a clothing store meant 9 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon. Not only did I drag myself out of bed, shower and put on my new 500 dollar outfit at the crack of dawn, I’m only saying how much the outfit was because it was free for working their yes I was pretty happy at the beginning of the day, I biked all the way down there to find out I was supposed to work at night. The boss then make me feel retarded for not knowing my shift, I already felt retarded no help needed, and I found out I needed to buy dress shoes. I proceeded to mope about center city and essentially found nothing. This plus waking up early, plus anxiety over the new job, plus complete lack of sleep, and finally the thought that even though I’m going home to sleep till work I won’t be rested cause me to have a mini breakdown in the middle of the subway. I hate being that guy but damn, I’m on the verge of tears and the hobo next to me looks like he’s about to get preachy when I start cracking up laughing and heres the sole reason; I also get ridiculous bouts of energy at odd hours at night which keep me up. Last night around 3 in the morning I couldn’t sleep so I cleaned the kitchen per usual in my underwear singing songs from Annie the musical.

Which is when the lyrics “Who cares what they're wearing on Main Street of Saville Row It's what you wear from ear to ear And not from head to toe that matters” popped into my head causing me to burst in to fits of laughter knowing that I’m wearing the most expensive outfit I’ve worn in quite some time, pissed off about some stupid shoes all the while loathing that I’m the fag that needs to sing a musical to cheer me up. ugh. Thanks Annie you’re the only ginger I’ve ever loved.
~fuckmylife I’m going to bed
This is NOT a personal blog.

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Matt Petrillo said...

So i LOOVE that u included annie, BUTT, i HATTTE the 1982 version...

the 1999 is MUCh better plus and they filmed it in NJ, too