Friday, January 9, 2009

Ninjasonik doesn't give a fuck

Ninjasonik blew up everywhere, their videos are ridiculously funny, surreal, and wow i'm out of it. Their shows looks absolutely nuts and I just might bring a club if i ever go to one (echem get yo ass to philly) The boys are made up of a bunch of Brooklyn Bro's and don't think they came from no where they hang out with The Death Set, Matt & Kim, Ivian Girls, and the Vivian Girls and have no problem talking aka All Our Friends Are in Bands.

Their music videos are ridik and their twitter game is on blast. Can't tell you the amount of hours i've wasted. Here's their links. go stalk

(this one's delicious)
Ninjasonik vs. The Count & Sinden - Hardcore Art School Girls
Ninjasonik - Negative Thinking Tight Pants [skemboo]
Ninjasonik - Art School girl [skemboo]

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