Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Years

Sorry i finally sobered up and realized i was about 6 days too late to wish you guys a happy new years. It happens. Anyhow just figured i'd let everyone know 09 is gonna get a lil weird. Why?

We have a Black President

Kids shows run by DJ's

Magazine's shutting down
(what? they are)
We lost some polies

Eartha Kitt had to get all dramatic on us and die at the last minute. Sniff..gonna miss being eeevil.

SO Happy Birthday World (but don't get crazy) I know your heading closer to your 2010's which can be a scary time, but don't end it or anything cause that'd be totally dram of you and come on. It's not like yours 2010's arn't gonna be wild too. We'll miss you nye glasses. :(

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