Friday, January 9, 2009

Cindy Whitmarsh just kicked my ass

New Years Resolutions Suck
The hangover from new years eve just lasts til the next day but the repecussions from bad decisions can last for months afterward. Yes there's of course that embarassing party picture thats all over the net. The cold sore from the nye makeoutfuckfest is also a pain in the ass. But there's one thing that blows all of that out of the water. New Years Resolutins, they make you feel incredibly guilty on new years, your clearly to innebriated to remember that your on your 2nd pack of cigs and working out is the last thing anyone wants to do after all the winter weight. So wtf?

Dear Cindy Whitmarsh
I hate you cause you ruin all my normal excuses for not working out.I love you because you come to my house. But don't get me wrong, our friendship is purely business related. You let me sweat my buns off in the family room and don't judge me when i can't do your punch punch turns ( i'm tired). You let me wear ridiculous outfits without even a raised eyebrow, or no clothes at all. You never make me go to the gym, cause it's cold as hell outside and you know i already don't wanna do this. You let me scream, yell, curse, and call you fat. Then you just smile continue working out and tell me how good i'll lookin my bathing suit this summer. Course, we just laugh and giggle like were the best of friends and keep on keepin on. Your the best but i'm exhausted, we've had our ups and downs but you just remind me of how out of shape i am. But its ok, i'll be back tomorrow cause we have such little time together for lets be real, your program only lasts 2 weeks.

Thanks sports tv on comcast.

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