Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let it be said.

I know alot of the internet thinks kanye has put on some douchey styles and normally i agree. Recently the man shaved a mullet into his lil chia pet of a head, and he's been under fire ever since. For the Record I'm a fan. I'll admit it i wouldn't ever get that shit buzzed into my head's surprising and i haven't been surprised by anything a celebrity's done in a while.
Rock ya fuckin mullut Kanye

Change is hard for me
White Trash Transcends all things
Gotta break the mold

For anyone who CARES kanye is collaborating w/ Louis Vuitton. Must be nice to just DECIDE to do something and be able to 5 min later.
Peep the interview.

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Gwen said...

kanye's getting fat.